WRP offers volunteer opportunities that cover all areas of interests and abilities. Contact us through the form below to request more information or to sign-up for a volunteer position. We welcome interest from High School students looking to earn Bright Futures volunteer hours.


​Backstage Crew

  • ​Assist Stage Manager with scene and costume changes during Tech Week                                                                                                   and Productions 
  • ​Must be available for full week of Tech Rehearsals and Performances

Bio Boards

  • ​Solicit bios from all cast members, rehearsal assistants and directors
  • Format bios for consistency
  • Print all bios and mount with head shots on display boards 

Building Search Committee

  • Work with the WRP Board of Directors to secure a permanent theater space to                                                                                                  lease or purchase that meet our space needs and budget

Cast Party Committee

  • ​Reserve a location for the cast party
  • Communicate details of cast party to families
  • Prepare and distribute sign-up sheet (including chips, salads, desserts, drinks,                                                                                                  paper products) to cast families 
  • Collect money and obtain headcount for cast party
  • Set-up/clean-up cast party (following Strike after Sunday matinee).

Cast T-Shirts

  • Design cast t-shirt using provided logo
  • Confirm spelling of all cast members’ names for back of shirt
  • Collect sizes to be ordered for all cast members (including rehearsal assistants and directors)
  • Submit design to Board of Directors for approval
  • Distribute shirts to all cast members when completed (no later than the start of Tech Week).


  • Run concession stand before performances and during intermissions (if applicable)

Costume Committee

  • Compile and distribute costume plot to cast members that reflects Director's vision for show
  • Gather existing pieces to be used from WRP collection and through loan from area theaters
  • Construct, enhance, and/or modify costumes as necessary 
  • Attend scheduled costume parade to check that all costumes are accounted for and correct
  • Provide Stage Manager list of any quick costume change concerns
  • Attend Tech Week dress rehearsals and give costume-related notes to cast
  • Collect costumes immediately following the final show (during strike) 
  • Clean all costumes (dry clean if necessary)
  • Return all borrowed costumes to WRP inventory or area theaters as necessary

Fundraising Committee

  • Work with the Board of Directors to bring in additional funds to offset the expenses associated with running our growing program
  • Potential funding sources include (but are not limited to) grants, donor memberships, corporate sponsorships


  • ​Photograph cast members, rehearsal assistants and directors
  • Print 5x7 black and white images of all cast members and provide to Bio Board committee by the start of tech week

Marketing Committee

  • ​​Create promotional materials for the current season including show fliers, show programs, and registration materials

Pit Band Musicians

  • ​Volunteer as a member of the pit orchestra for the current High School Troupe production (instrumentation needs vary by show)
  • ​Musicians must be available for all Tech Week rehearsals and performances

Props Committee

  • ​Obtain prop list, budget, and prop due dates from director
  • Check WRP Storage and reach out to area theaters and cast members to borrow prop items
  • Keep inventory of props for safe return at the end of the production
  • Submit purchase request to the board for approval to purchase any rare/unique props or materials to construct items 
  • After approval, purchase or create remaining props
  • Provide stage manager with a complete prop list prior to Load-In
  • Deliver all props to performance space during load-in and help stage manager organize backstage
  • Attend Tech Week rehearsals and give props-related notes to cast; make any necessary repairs
  • Collect all props immediately following the final show during Strike and properly return all items

Rehearsal Assistants

  • ​Intended for our experienced High School Troupe members, rehearsal assistants are paired with a directing team from our Juniors or Middle School Troupes and helps in all aspects of the rehearsal and performance process (e.g., contributing to casting decisions, running lines with cast members, blocking scenes, working backstage)

Sets Committee 

  • Sets Lead coordinates with Director to determine set needs, deadlines and budget, and communicates construction plan to committee
  • Check WRP storage for useable pieces and reach out to area theaters to borrow existing items
  • ​Design and construct set pieces needed for production
  • Assist with load-in and assemble set at theater
  • Add any final set dressings during tech week
  • Following the final performance, dismantle set, return any borrowed items, and store any reusable items in storage

Social Committee

  • Plan social events for WRP cast members and families (e.g., bowling, ice-skating, restaurant spirit nights, sporting events)

Spotlight Operator

  • Run spotlight for a current production (training provided; must be available for all nights of Tech Week rehearsals and performances)


  • Distribute programs and help patrons find their seats for performances