Seussical, Jr. 

Middle School Troupe, April 2017

Directing Team 

Jon Lynch, Jamaal Solomon, Cami Clair

Singin' in the Rain, Jr.

Middle and High School Troupe, Summer Camp June 2017

     Directing Team

Dee Axel, Jamaal Solomon, Holly Rubich

2016-2017 Season

Jungle Book, Kids     Alice in Wonderland, Jr.     Elf, Jr.     Les Miserables     Seussical, Jr.     Dear Edwina, Jr.     Singin' in the Rain

Alice in Wonderland, Jr.

Juniors Troupe, November 2016

     Directing Team 

        Heather Arcand, Justin Morrison, Cami Clair

Les Miserables School Edition

  High School Troupe, March 2017

     Directing Team

Jamaal Solomon, Dee Axel, Justin Morrison

Elf, Jr. 

Middle School Troupe, November 2016

     Directing Team

Jon Lynch, Jamaal Solomon, Hannah Rusk

Jungle Book, Kids 

Kids Troupe, November 2016

Directing Team

Brooke Dixon, Irene Gallin

Dear Edwina, Jr.

Juniors Troupe, May 2016

Directing Team 

Heather Arcand, Justin Morrison, Irene Gallin

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