Calendar of Events

​Oct 7       Tickets go on sale for Cinderella, Kids & Pirates of Penzance, Jr. 

Nov 8      Registration opens for Spring Workshops 

Nov 8      Cinderella, Kids & Pirates of Penzance performance, 7pm

Nov 9      Cinderella, Kids & Pirates of Penzance performance, 7pm

Nov 10      Cinderella, Kids & Pirates of Penzance performance, 2pm

​​Jan 20       Tickets go on sale for The Addams Family

Feb 28       Registration opens for Fall 2020 High School Workshop

​​Feb 28       The Addams Family Performance 7pm

Feb 29       The Addams Family Performance 7pm

​Mar 1       The Addams Family Performance 2pm

Tickets will go on sale for The Addams Family on Monday, January 20th, 2020.



Feb 28-29, Mar 1, 2020

Masterclass and Performance with Adam Pascal

WRP was thrilled to host  Tony Award nominee and Broadway star Adam Pascalin November for a Masterclass and Student Showcase Event. Our students had an amazing experience receiving feedback on their audition material from Mr. Pascal. The advice he offered to each was not only appropriate for the stage they are in now in pursuing theatrical opportunities, but also really approachable for them to be able to see immediate improvements in their performances. He reminded them that the audition process is not always within their control...they can audition perfectly and still not be cast due to other factors. He encouraged the students to practice, practice, practice to be as prepared as possible and to keep being great until they are eventually right for a given part. 

Photo Credits: Rachel VanDemark of  Hibiscus Photos by Rachel


Tickets on sale now for Cinderella, Kids, and 

The Pirates of Penzance, Jr.!

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Nov 8-10, 2019